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Taking a people-first approach to digital enablement for modern financial services organizations

At Modes, we support financial services organizations in optimizing digital and data ecosystems that drive successful business outcomes.

From creating robust digital channels to harnessing the power of AI and automation, we empower your teams to create and manage scalable digital foundations and unlock the full potential of modern technologies so you can expedite your impact and drive business growth.

It’s time to shift into change mode.

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Rewire for digital

Together, we do a panoramic sweep of your organisation to uncover opportunities and measure your digital readiness. Then we help you create people-driven brands, teams, financial products, and services—all while encouraging adoption.

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Map out a digital journey that fits your culture, with quick wins

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Cocreate digital solutions with the people who use them

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Prototype, test, build, and bring your ideas to life

Let’s get rewired

Org Design

Work in new ways

Going digital means redesigning the way you work, too. Traditional teams focus on their own outputs—what they create—rather than outcomes—what value they create for the company. We help redesign your teams and workflows to deliver what your customers need.

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Uncover the sticking points across your internal workflows

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Assemble change champions across your teams

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Train your teams in digital theory, workflows, and skills


Change Management

Coach through change

We coach your teams through digital rewiring by making sure they know what you’re doing and why—and how they can help. And we set you up to take the pulse of your teams over time and measure that your new ways of working are efficient. That journey takes place from an aligned and active sponsorship to reinforcement practices that will optimize your results.

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Plan for change from the start of every project

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Create communication campaigns to keep people engaged at every step

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Coach your teams to become more nimble over time

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Strategic alliances for successful delivery

Looking to streamline digital onboarding experiences, enable a 360o view of your customer, or implement an integrated online or mobile banking channel?

Our team boasts diverse technological expertise, specializing in planning, designing, and deploying digital solutions and platforms for financial services institutions. We consistently leverage state-of-the-art tools and adhere to industry best practices.

Explore our partnerships and alliances

Partnerships and expertise for digital services enablement:

Explore our partnerships and alliances

Innovation that creates value

Cocreation is the core of what we do. That is why we established an innovation lab that offers a framework for exploration and creativity—a place where, in collaboration with our technology partners and financial services organizations, we can test new ideas and bring them to life. From creating revenue operation modules, improving culture and employee engagement, to building customers onboarding experiences where their needs are truly at the center of it.

Let’s bring your ideas to life


the change doers

We strive to be an easy going, professional, flexible and fun team that is passionate about working on difficult projects that matter. As a member of our team, you’ll be working on interesting challenges, coached by our leadership team and constantly encouraged to try new things and iterate on your own ideas. You’ll be joining and collaborating with a flexible and distributed team that is part of a community of diverse, inclusive, respectful and fair members.

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How we’re different

Plenty of partners promise digital transformation. But precious few tackle digital projects from all angles, with both the technical and team-building skills you need to make it happen at speed.

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If you have a digital project in mind, we’d love to hear about it. Let’s connect on how we can help.

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